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The Picture Book You Have to Have!

Last week, when it was blisteringly hot, we spent a lot of time inside. Luckily we had plenty of new toys, puzzles and books to keep us occupied. One of those books was ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek, given to B2 by his cousin and aunt.

While not a new book, we hadn’t read it before. Not only is ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ my children’s new favourite, my husband and I also enjoy reading it (which is a massive plus). The subject is engaging, the cadence simple but enjoyable and the pictures fun and colourful.

If you’ve never read this book, I highly recommend it, and if you have but it’s been a while then it might be time to dust it off. For little ones it’s a great read – aloud and for parents, it’s a welcome change from some of the books out there.


I write young adult novels and have a passion for reading and writing. My blog is a place were young adult writers can get tips to improve their own writing so that they too can share their stories with the world. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband and mum to two beautiful boys.

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