Something True.

When I saw this Tweet from Random House I was immediately struck by how true it was. For children and adults alike, books allow us to experience things and take on challenges that we might never experience in real life. I think the measure of  a good book, a really good book, is how much you feel as the characters go through things.

Often we want to shield our children from any negative feelings, I know I want to protect my kids from pain, sadness and anger, but the truth is these emotions are all an important part of being human and through reading we get to experience and understand them in a safe way.

I will always be grateful to my mum for reading challenging books to me from a young age. While she sat on the floor getting a ‘numb bum’, reading Lord of the Rings to my brother and I, I looked down from the top bunk with tears rolling down my face. Those memories aren’t only of the characters and books but also the feelings they inspired and those moments with my mum.

So, what about you? Can you relate to the quote? And what books do you read with your children that carries them away in the experience and make it seem as though it belongs to them?

4 thoughts on “Something True.

    • littlemissw says:

      Actually I find it truer for books than movies…I think it’s because I’ve invested more of my time. That said, if I’m really engaged by a TV series I can get completely emotionally involved.

      • theeditorsjournal says:

        No, no that’s what I said lol. I said ‘This is even truer THAN when one watches a movie’, meaning the book is the stronger influence. Probably my upside down english!

      • littlemissw says:

        Oh no, I’ve re-read your comment. I missed the ‘than’! *smacks forehead with palm*. Silly me!

        Thanks so much for your comments and taking the time to comment. It’s lovely hearing your views.

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