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Chickens Are Like Babies…

Want a weird observation?

Take a small (about 1kg), whole, chicken.

Wash, pat dry, and remove skin. Snip off ends of wings at the joint.

Coat with seasoning mix (I used Tandaco Southern Chicken – if you want to know).

Pick up chicken underneath the wings. Notice how the little arms flop over your hands and the legs sort of hang loose.

Isn’t it disturbingly like holding a new born baby?!

It is! Yikes! It’s creepy, creepy, creepy!

What are you meant to do with an observation like that? Why have an observation like that?

Let’s play a game…try and write the nude chicken/new born baby analogy into a scene/piece of flash fiction. I would LOVE to see what you can all do!

PS I’m not really into dinner tonight, just so you know.


I'm an educator, mum and wife living in beautiful Victoria, Australia. I make learning resources for passionate, but time-poor, teachers in need of a better work-life balance. I'm a voracious reader, love a good curry, and believe life is always better with chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Chickens Are Like Babies…

  1. I’ve observed this from the reverse – my newborn naked babies have reminded me of poultry, even before I’ve covered them in a seasoning mix of my choice! I guess food is never far from my mind!

    1. I always thought my newborns looked like skinned rabbits. Especially B2, he seemed long and scrawny.

  2. Strangely enough I woke up today with the intention of trying to write a shortie but nothing was there. I never push it if it ain’t there! But I get your chicken baby analogy. Even creepier…did you ever see that pic of a Asian man eating a roasted baby when it was doing the rounds on the net?
    Guess he took your analogy to a whole ‘nother level!

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