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The Beauty is in the Walking by James Moloney

Title: The Beauty is in the Walking

Author: James Moloney

Ease: Easy

Rating: 3/5

This is an enjoyable book with a good Aussie voice but a somewhat less than believable plot and protagonist.

┬áJacob O’Leary’s small country town is shocked when animals are found mutilated in their paddocks. Convinced it could only be an outsider, the town turns on a young Muslim boy who’s family is new to the town. But Jacob is convinced they are wrong and is eager to prove it.

Jacob is a protagonist with a lot to prove. He has cerebral palsy and this condition has defined his relationship with everyone in his life, from his mother to his friends and even his love interest. I loved watching him overcome other peoples’ reservations about him and his growth as a character. But his way of speaking often seemed un-natural and his perceptiveness of other people and their feelings bordered on the telepathic.

His difficulty walking, a result of his cerebral palsy, also seemed to come and go. At times he struggled to get down the school stairs or to get into a car but he still managed a cross country hike, although it was painful.

The Beauty is in the Walking combines coming-of-age with a detective novel and gives us a protagonist that doesn’t fit the mould. All good things. While I found it less than perfect, it was enjoyable none the less.



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