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Two-Sentence Tuesday

I didn't expect to fall in love at first site. I'd never wanted a little brother.
Here’s my best shot. Add yours to the comments.


I write young adult novels and have a passion for reading and writing. My blog is a place were young adult writers can get tips to improve their own writing so that they too can share their stories with the world. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband and mum to two beautiful boys.

9 thoughts on “Two-Sentence Tuesday

  1. “Like a savage unrelenting tornado, he entered her life, upturning everything around her.

    Despite her tremendous fear and turmoil, it was ultimately necessary to finally break free from the prison she held herself captive in.”  

    Here is my entry – thanks for the opportunity!

  2. They kept dying before my eyes and i could do nothing but look.
    But I know. ..
    Just a few pages more and all of this will soon end with the book.

    I discovered that flash fiction isn’t my thing. But yours was a nice story. Eagerly awaiting next Tuesday.

    1. You’re too hard on yourself. That’s a great effort. I’m not great at flash ficton either. Or short fiction for that matter. I have a real respect for people who can tell a complete story in so few words.

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