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How to Tell People You Write…Without Blushing.

Do you tell people you write? That you’re a writer? That you’re an author, even?

Without blushing?

Well, then let the rest of us in on the secret! How do you own up to ‘being a writer’ without…well…this:

giphy (1)

I’m not good at it. This year my youngest will be starting school and people are full of advice and curiosity about what I’ll be doing with all my “free time”.

Pfft, as if.

The easiest and truest response would be to say that I’ll be working on my business, that of writing. But I don’t because quite frankly it makes me feel…like a fraud.

So, if you have the secret then be a mate and let the rest of us know what it is.


I write young adult novels and have a passion for reading and writing. My blog is a place were young adult writers can get tips to improve their own writing so that they too can share their stories with the world. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband and mum to two beautiful boys.

5 thoughts on “How to Tell People You Write…Without Blushing.

  1. Lool! Spot on! Why do people in the arts always feel like a fraud? I think it’s because most people of a certain age i.e say over 25 had parents who did blue or white collar work and this seemed real and practical. Today of course you have people who say they are ‘influencers’ and that is their job, which is always easy when your parents are taking up the slack! They clearly have no such issues with feeling like a fraud lol.

    1. Imagine putting ‘influencer’ on your resume. I couldn’t do it. But who knows what my children will consider legitimate jobs?

      You’re right. My mum was a nurse and my dad went from the army to helicopter engineering, both hands on jobs. I think it’s hard to shake the ‘get a haircut and get a real job’ mentality.

      Ah, it’s nice to have you here again. I hope you had a nice Christmas/New Years.

    1. See, you’re good. I think I blush because I feel like a fraud…like it’s not a real job. I actually write novels, the blogging is just something I do to connect with other people and to help young writers and to do some platform building, so I wouldn’t really call myself a blogger per se. You’re write though, why blush? What is there to blush about?

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