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Multi-tasking or Not

If there’s radio silence on this blog, chances are I’m busy with something else. I’m not good at multi-tasking. This is disappointing because ‘people’ are always saying how women can multi-task and men can’t. Maybe that’s true in your family, but in my house my husband can have multiple things going and not miss a beat, while any more than two different thoughts at a time leaves me flustered.

I’m not flexible either, despite making this claim in every job interview I’ve ever had. I need time to process. It’s not that I can’t change or even that I don’t want to change, it’s that I need to get my head around it first. It’s a very deliberate process for me, moving on from plan A to plan B. Sometimes all I need is a couple of deep breaths and I’m on board, sometimes it’ll take me a day or so.


Here’s the thing though, not being able to multi-task well has never been a huge impediment in my life. Often, the people I know who are multi-tasking all the time seem to be so busy chasing different balls, they miss the individual nuances of each ball. You may not get things done as quickly taking one step at a time, but you will get to appreciate each step you take and fully as you can. And that’s worth it to me.


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I'm a writer, reader, wife, mother and lover of chocolate. I write fiction for children and young people, as well as create engaging learning resources for teachers to use in their classrooms.

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