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The Unsociablity of Social Media

Apparently ‘unsociablity’ isn’t a word. But ‘unsociable’ is and ‘sociability’ is so I’m just combining them. It’s probably an unfair thing to say, anyway. I find social media unsociable but clearly millions of people don’t.

It is overwhelming. I can’t be the only one who feels that. This year I’m trying to get on top of my use of social media. I visited a social media consultant, Media Tribe, who were brilliant, because I know that social media is a key tool in any author’s toolbox. This is my job, not my hobby, and thus I need to make use of means of marketing that other authors use.

But I’m no good at it.

It just feels so…inauthentic. It takes just as much creativity to work out what to post on Instagram or Tweet as it does to work out what my characters do next. And working out what my characters are going to do is much more fun.

Is it just me? I mean, how do you use social media? It’s not that I’m a Luddite, I’m just a bit conservative I guess. And, quite frankly, I’m boring. I’ve always known this. Honestly, my two brothers and my sister are so interesting and adventurous and fun and then there’s me. So what do I have to show that would even interest others? At the moment, it’s just me and my cat hanging as I write this.

She’s not even a good looking cat. I mean, I love her and I’m so glad we adopted her but we certainly didn’t choose her because she’d win a beauty contest. Also, she can’t play instruments or sneeze adorably. She does let off sometimes but even if I had an app called SmellIt!, I wouldn’t want to share that.

Help me. What’s the secret? What don’t I know? Am I doomed to never get a hang of this? And if so, does that mean I can just give up now?


I'm a writer, reader, wife, mother and lover of chocolate. I write fiction for children and young people, as well as quality content for those who want to create meaningful engagement with their audience. You can see samples of my work at I also blog at, providing advice to young fiction writers.

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