• Do you swear? - Do you swear? Most of us do although there may be different contexts. An accident, a flaring temper, fear, excitement, a few drinks – these things can make even the most mild mannered person drop a four letter word. The company we find ourselves in can also influence our choice of language. I would never […]
  • Quack - One brand new day, a brand new hen arrived on the farm and the whole hen house was in a flap. Chicks giggled, hens squawked, Dot blushed from her toes to the tip-top of her comb. “What’s going on in here?” asked the short sighted rooster. “Quack!” said Dot. “Oh dear, oh dear!” squawked Rooster, […]
  • A Hat For Every Day - My mum doesn’t have a hair on her head. Not one strand. Not one kink. Not one curl. But she does have a lot of hats. She has hats with flowers and hats with feathers. Hats with brims and hats with bows. Staw hats, lace hats, big hats and small hats. Wooly hats, leather hats, […]
  • Lilly and Anna - Lilly and Anna were best friends. They ate their breakfast together and they had their bath together. They both had their hair plaited and they both wore shiny black shoes. They told each other everything and they played together all day. At night Mum would tuck them both into Lilly’s bed and they’d cuddle up […]
  • Not Today! – ages 6 months + - Take it away! Take it away! Don’t you know I don’t like toast today? Bring me cheese and bring me jam, bring me apples and chips and ham.   What do you mean that’s not breakfast food? Fine, I’ll eat it so as not to be rude   Take it away! Take it away! Don’t […]
  • Hell Hath No Fury – Ages 16 years and up – contains strong language -         “Let’s go!” Tammy stared at the broken window, the jagged glass like the maw of some ravenous creature. The dark interior of the gym started to glow, there was a crackling sound and Tammy wrinkled her nose at the hot, sour, smell that wafted around her. Smoke spiralled up into the […]
  • Oli the Elephant and the Fly – ages 18 months + - Oli the Elephant lumbered through the whispering grasses flapping his ears, waving his trunk and humming a happy little tune. “What a perfect day,” he thought. Bzzzzzzzzz. Snort! Awk! “Get out,” said Oli but the fly was stuck. Bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzz! It gave Oli a terrible headache. He snorted. He snuffled. He shook his trunk this […]
  • Yellow-Bellied Scaredy Cat – Ages 6 – 8 -   “Don’t move.” Lewis froze. “It’s huge! It’s the biggest spider I’ve ever seen!” Lewis’s tummy tightened. Danny tried not to giggle. He reached out with a long blade of grass and… “Get it off, get it off, get it OFF!” Lewis screamed, clawing at his face. Danny howled with laughter. “You’re a Yellow-Bellied Scaredy […]
  • The Moon’s Big Day - “Time for bed,” said Star. “I don’t want to go to bed,” said Moon, “I want to stay up all day, I want have a midday feast, I want to see what Sun sees.” “Suit yourself,” yawned Star, fading off to sleep. “Humph,” said Sun, “you should go to bed.” “No, there’s so much to […]
  • Bed Bugs – age 3+ - “Night.”   “G’night.”   “Sleep tight.”   “Boys, it’s time to turn out the light.”   Click   “Don’t let the bedbugs bite!   “Bedbugs?”   “Tiny things with gnashing teeth, hairs that tickle and feet that prickle and…”   “Slippers!”   “Slippers?”   “Dancing slippers. They dace a jig. All night long they dance […]

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