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Happy Easter…Passover…Ramadan

I was looking at my calendar this morning and I realised that April is a really busy month for God. Easter, Orthodox Easter, Passover and Ramadan are all celebrated in April this year. Perhaps God thought we would need a boost during our Covid-19 isolation?

I personally was brought up Christian, although my faith is…mmm…ever evolving. But I have had the opportunity to join in Ramadan celebrations in the past. And a good friend of mine is converting to Judaism before she marries her fiance, so maybe I’ll get to experience some Jewish celebrations in the future.

Many (many) people have told me that Easter isn’t really happening this year because of the corona virus and the isolation measures we’re all taking. Perhaps, if you’re Jewish or Muslim, you’ve been hearing the same thing about your respective religious celebrations. I totally understand. Things are different this year. Perhaps you’re used to visiting with family or going camping or having a friends around. Perhaps, usually, your faith calls for you to get together with family to cook or make special decorations, or break fast. And this year, we can’t do these things.

If you’re feeling down that things are different this year and you can’t celebrate your faith or traditions the way you usually would, remember that there are things you can do. Make use of digital technology to connect with friends and family. Stay in touch with your church, synagogue or mosque through Facebook. Go old school and ring older friends and family members who may not be comfortable with the internet or social media (try not to find this frustrating).

For many of us religious celebrations are more about tradition than faith. But, for those of us who are believers, take a moment to remember why it is we celebrate during this time. That reason doesn’t change, even if the world circumstances does.

Throughout history people have had to celebrate their faith in difficult circumstances. In fact, around the world there are still many people who can’t practise their faith freely and without fear of persecution. And yet, they find away.

And so can you.

So, enjoy your Easter, Passover or Ramadan. Stay safe.

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It’s All About Faith

Are you over your chocolate hangover? Or are you still finding foil wrappers tucked in the couch cushions? Of course, this only applies if you actually celebrate Easter. For those of you who don’t, be kind to your friends and colleagues who are wandering around with wide eyes and a sugar high that will last the rest of the week.

Of course, many of these Easter refugees won’t actually be practising Christians. I wonder, now, if there are more people following Christian tradition because it’s, well, traditional, than because they actually want to commemorate the death of Christ. To be honest, over recent years, I’ve begun to wonder if I fall more into this category too.

Has God been judged, and found wanting?

And, does it matter? For me it does. Isn’t it hypocritical to go through the motions of Christian tradition, if you’re no longer sure of your faith? I have no answer for these questions (please enlighten me if you do) but I’m irritated that I didn’t leave the existential angst behind in my moody teens (I wasn’t actually that moody, but you know what I mean).

I know, I know. This is too deep for a Monday. I’m sorry. Blame it on the chocolate.

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Happy Easter

If this weekend will find you celebrating Easter than I wish you much love, enjoyment and blessings.

And if it doesn’t, I also wish you much love, enjoyment and blessings.

And of course, whether you celebrate Easter or not, next week will find us surrounded by phenomenally cheap (but egg shaped) chocolate. And that’s something we can all appreciate.

Lots of love,