A Brand New Year

There’s something about a new year. It holds promise. You open up that new diary and marvel at all those little squares just waiting to be filled.

And I’ve already started filling them!

Among the birthdays and summer catch-ups there’s the KidLitVic writers conference in Melbourne which I have bought my ticket for. So. Ex. Cited. It makes me feel like a real writer! I can’t wait to meet other writers and to hear what the publishers and people in the know have to say.

January in Australia brings heat, fire and flood but it also brings the smell of gum leaves in the north wind, blushing tomatoes and nodding daisies. It’s easy to feel positive about 2016 when there’s such a nice opening number.

I hope your, and your loved ones, year is as wonderful as ours will be.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Bring on 2014!

Have you all made your new year resolutions? They’re funny things aren’t they, things we often make safe in the knowledge that we’ll break them anyway.

Last year though I really tried to see my resolutions through and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. One of them was getting more serious about my writing and saw me start this blog, take on a mentor (Dee over at Deescribewriting Blog) and write, write, write.

This year? Well here they are:

I will pick up after myself more (I am terribly untidy. It drives my husband mad) and be more organised (after I spent twenty minutes today looking for some sticky things which I never found).

I will take my writing to the next level, which for me means getting to a point where I can submit my work to potential publishers.

So there. Nothing to set the world on fire but then that’s not really the point, is it.

I would love, love, love to hear if you make resolutions, why/not and, if you do, what are they?

Hope you all have a happy and safe start to 2014.