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Are You Addicted to Porn?

And by that I mean the real estate version – not the naked romp around the coffee table version (you may now have guessed that I don’t watch porn).

Real estate porn is a lot like food porn. Beautiful glossy pictures that make you dream of something you don’t have but would like. And as with food porn there’s no end of ways to get your fix – books, magazines, TV shows and countless websites. It’s harmless at first but it can quickly get out of control.

Most, if not all, of my friends are into real estate porn. We watch, read, Pin and discuss. What started as a little bit of idle voyeurism has turned into a daily, sometimes hourly, habit. Sometimes my friends and I watch together but mostly it’s a solitary pastime. Sometimes we go to open houses, experience the real thing, but generally we stick to the digital version.

If my social circle is anything to go by real estate porn is a growing epidemic. If you’re not an addict, you probably know someone who is. They can quote house prices, know all the latest listings and refer to agents by their first name. They know what a highlight window is and how much value a pool adds to a property. They’re in deep and they don’t know the way back.

So, my name is Wendy and I’m a real estate porn addict. Are you?