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Is There a Generation Gap? I Don’t Think So


I write for young adults. I do so partly because I have a background in high-school education (and so have spent a fair bit of time with young adults) and mostly because I think teenagers and young adults are wonderful. The vast majority of young people I have met are polite, funny, conscientious, caring and hard-working. So I’m always surprised when people tell me the youth of today are the devil. Continue reading “Is There a Generation Gap? I Don’t Think So”

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Dealing with Advice

Most people I know would rather give advice than receive it. In fact, I’d say most people in the world would rather give advice. Given this, it’s a sure bet that on any given day, unsolicited or not, someone is going to give you the benefit of their wisdom (or perceived wisdom). And it’s not always welcome. Continue reading “Dealing with Advice”

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Are You Addicted to Porn?

And by that I mean the real estate version – not the naked romp around the coffee table version (you may now have guessed that I don’t watch porn).

Real estate porn is a lot like food porn. Beautiful glossy pictures that make you dream of something you don’t have but would like. And as with food porn there’s no end of ways to get your fix – books, magazines, TV shows and countless websites. It’s harmless at first but it can quickly get out of control.

Most, if not all, of my friends are into real estate porn. We watch, read, Pin and discuss. What started as a little bit of idle voyeurism has turned into a daily, sometimes hourly, habit. Sometimes my friends and I watch together but mostly it’s a solitary pastime. Sometimes we go to open houses, experience the real thing, but generally we stick to the digital version.

If my social circle is anything to go by real estate porn is a growing epidemic. If you’re not an addict, you probably know someone who is. They can quote house prices, know all the latest listings and refer to agents by their first name. They know what a highlight window is and how much value a pool adds to a property. They’re in deep and they don’t know the way back.

So, my name is Wendy and I’m a real estate porn addict. Are you?

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Last weekend I had the immense pleasure of attending the first KidLitVic writers’ conference. It was incredible! I have never been to a writers’ conference before and it exceeded all my expectations. For the first time I referred to myself as a ‘writer’ in public. The audacity of it! To actually say to someone that I am a writer!

It was wonderful to meet so many like minded people, all striving for the same thing, in such an encouraging atmosphere. I felt like I really belonged and that I was part of a ‘tribe’. I’m hoping to keep in touch with some of these people and I’m so excited to see how their writing journeys continue.

I feel that my journey has taken a real step forward. I had a meeting with Marisa Pintado for Hardie Grant Egmont and she liked the initial pages of my book and asked to see more. To. See. More. Of my work! Can you believe that. I know it’s just a first step and that she might not be interested in the completed novel but…Oh my God! It really encourages me to keep on going. This isn’t the end of the journey, it’s not even the middle, but it’s a real step in the right direction.

If you’re a writer (confirmed or otherwise) and you have the opportunity to attend a writers conference then I highly recommend it. I had the most wonderful time and I’m sure you will too.

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Life is a BIG Adventure

My dad turned 70 last week. That’s a big deal. Seven decades, a world of travel, military service, one wife, four children, countless adventures. Sometimes, listening to my dad I realise that the world has both been transformed in countless ways and yet has stayed so much the same. He’s part of the baby-boomer generation, literally born into a world recovering from war. I wonder what pressures that must have put on a whole generation of children and what scars their parents must have been carrying with them.

Of course, life is one big adventure. We do our best to find our way with the map we’ve been given, often it’s a bit a tattered and has ‘here be dragons’ scrawled in the corner, and the guides we’ve found, also a bit tattered. For most of us, the vast majority, the adventure has it’s white sandy beaches and mosquito ridden swamps. For some of us it’s all swamp, sadly.

I hope when I look back on 70 years of adventure I can say it was pretty awesome, and I hope that I have achieved as much, and am as loved, as my dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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Autumn Has Arrived

I love April. March is a bit of a tease, flashing us with sweltering days and then blindsiding us with a burst of cold weather but April is all mild days, crisp as an apple off the tree, and cool nights touched with the scent of wood smoke. It’s the perfect weather for getting outside, gardening or making mudpies (or a little of both).

It’s not so conducive to actually sitting down and writing but hey, there’ll be time for that when May and June roll round and winter cranks into gear. At the moment I’m enjoying some time with the kids while school holidays are still on, tucking into what the Easter Bunny so kindly left us and doing a little polishing on the manuscript I’ll be talking about with a publisher at the writers conference next month.

Where ever you are in the world I hope the weather is being kind to you.

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I’m Back

I have been missing in action for the first half of this month. B2 turned four (where did those years go?), we spent time visiting family and I tried to wrangle my character, Sam, through the minefield of relationships in his life – you know, just the usual like friends and family and his dead father’s secret second family. But all of this left little time for blogging.

On top of that, and pursuant to my last post, we’re still house hunting. This is becoming less fun, I can tell you. The anticipation and, to be honest, the potential to sticky beak through someone else’s house is fun but the feeling of, ‘no, not this one’, is less so. But then, how privileged are we that we’re in a position to be house hunting in the first place.

So, how’s your March been going? I’ve been amazed by how quickly the year has been flying by. What about you? And how are your New Year Resolutions faring?


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Are You Content?

I only ask because it’s been on my mind lately. Hubby and I have been house hunting – what started as a bit of fun morphed into something more serious just before Christmas and we’ve spent the last few months reading through real estate listings and viewing houses. We’re also considering land, in case we decide to build. But more and more I’ve been asking myself, ‘why?’

We like our house and we have a beautiful garden. We’ve planted fruit trees which, if we moved, we would never taste the fruit of. What is it we’re looking for? And if we bought or built a new house would we really be more content?

So, I’m asking you. Are you content and if so/if not, why? Is contentment just a state of mind and how do you know if you’re on the right path in journey towards contentment?

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Resilience is the art of getting up after you’ve been knocked down. Sometimes it’s done with quiet grace, sometimes it’s done with fanfare and sometimes it’s done while your face is still red and wet from crying. The first is preferable, the last common.

There are people who say you need to know when to give up. Maybe. But I think that when it’s time to let something go then it becomes painfully obvious. Like when it’s time to move on from your first car – it let’s you know by refusing to start five mornings out of seven.

It’s much harder to keep going. Your confidence has been shaken, you doubt yourself and you’re feeling hurt and maybe a little badly treated. But you must keep going. Worse than rejection or failure is regret. So, dust yourself off. Have a cry. And then get on with it. You’ve got a lot more work to do.