Two-Sentence Tuesday

Welcome to the first two-sentence Tuesday writing challenge. Open to anyone and everyone, share your two-sentence story in the comments at the end of the post.

She thought the waiting would kill her. Turns out it was the bus' breaks failing.

Here’s my contribution. I’m sure you can do better.


Everyone has an opinion

Next Month – Two-Sentence Tuesday

Beginning next month the Monthly Writing Competition will be replaced by Two-Sentence Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will provide my own attempt at a two sentence story and encourage you to have a go in the comments.

  • This is open to anyone who wishes to participate – regardless of age or writing experience.
  • All comments are moderated and any offensive or deliberately inflammatory contributions will be deleted without notification to the author of the comment.

Two-Sentence Tuesday is a bit of fun. Down the track there may be opportunities to win small prizes for the best contribution for the month as voted by other visitors to the website, however that remains to be worked out.

I encourage everyone to have a go and a giggle.

Everyone has an opinion